Graphic Teamworkx Issue Picker

App-News: Two new features for “Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira” (Cloud)

The “Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira” solution developed by catworkx enables targeted linking between two or more Jira issues. The app is available via the Atlassian Marketplace for all Jira variants and deployment options (Cloud, Server and Data Center). Two new features have now been added to the cloud version, further closing the functional gap with the server app’s feature set.

Major release on version 10 for the “Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira”

Automatically create and update pages from Jira in Confluence – this works with the “Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira” from catworkx The use of this app enables the simple and fast creation of process or project documentation. The current major release to version 10 includes new functions and changes to the system architecture: New features include the PDF export option via a pre-installed standard template to output the print view of an issue.

Teamworkx Matrix for Jira

App-News: “Teamworkx Matrix for Jira” now also available for data center on the Atlassian Marketplace

Make decisions quickly and securely with a visual representation of a matrix – the catworkx app “Teamworkx Matrix for Jira” supports you in this. With the app, relevant values of a Jira issue can be displayed in a flexible matrix. It is based on two user-defined single selection fields on horizontal and vertical axis. In this freely configurable matrix, values can be displayed as boards and moved dynamically, similar to Kanban or Scrum boards in Jira. The app is now also available in the data center version on the Marketplace.

Customer Story - Problem Management

Problem Management with Jira Software from Atlassian

catworkx has dedicated itself to the optimization of problem management in service and support for a global customer in the vending machine industry. The main requirement in this project was the automation of processes, which catworkx successfully implemented with Jira software from Atlassian and the apps “Score Rating for Jira” and “Copy & Sync”. Other project priorities were improved transparency, planning and efficiency.

Atlassian-News: Okta Report confirms success of Opsgenie and the Atlassian Product Suite

The Atlassian Product Suite and the Atlassian app Opsgenie are among the most popular apps in the Okta network this year, according to the sixth Businesses@Work report 2020. Okta is the leading independent provider of identity solutions for businesses and the report takes an in-depth look at how businesses work. The study examined applications and services that industries and customers use to increase productivity.

Teamworkx Configuration Publisher

App-News: catworkx launches new app “Teamworkx Configuration Publisher” on the Atlassian Marketplace

Sustainable change management for Jira will be given a high priority with the new app “Teamworkx Configuration Publisher” developed by catworkx, which was launched on 13 January 2020 on the Atlassian Marketplace. For Jira administrators, the app offers the possibility to automatically transfer every change to a project configuration into a Confluence document with just a few clicks. Build up a history for tracking and keep track of all adjustments and projects. The new Teamworkx app is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace. We have summarised the other advantages and features of the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher for you.

App-News: catworkx releases the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher in January 2020

The implementation of sustainable change management for Jira – with the new Teamworkx Configuration Publisher this is taken to a new level. With the app from catworkx, which will soon be published on the Atlassian Marketplace, Jira administrators can publish every change to a project configuration in a Confluence document with just a few clicks. Changes can thus be tracked quickly. But the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher offers even more features that support Jira administrators in their work.

Success Story Parking Garage Nuremberg

After eight years of operation: Update and extension of the Jira alarm system in the Nuremberg car park

PS Parkhaus Service Nürnberg GmbH manages eight multi-storey car parks in the city centre and five multi-storey car parks in the city of Nuremberg. In 2011, the Atlassian partner catworkx was commissioned to implement a system for message tracking which provided the greatest possible transparency in the automated reporting volume, a classification of the message processes, their internal administration and traceability. Jira was used as the basic solution at that time. Since then, an interface (Transfer Agent) developed by catworkx takes care of the communication between Jira and the car park intercom system. After eight years of stable operation without updating the system, in 2019 new requirements (time recording, long-term parking, master data maintenance) made it necessary to update and expand the previous reporting system.