catworkx behind the scenes: Our Process Consulting team for agile methods and solutions

Under the motto “Behind the scenes” we would like to introduce our Process Consulting team to you this time. Our process consultants are communication, method and tool professionals – they advise, support and analyse. The job as a consultant at catworkx: a versatile and challenging activity. We asked our colleague Christoph Piotrowski, Head of Process Consulting at catworkx.

Webinar: Enterprise Agility with OKR and Jira Align

Webinar: Enterprise Agility with OKR and Jira Align

Objetives and Key Results (OKR) is a modern, agile and, above all, measurable management method for people management that helps companies to implement their visions, strategies and plans in a targeted manner. In the webinar, Joachim Fuchs (Atlassian) and Christoph Piotrowski (catworkx) will show you the basics of this method in a live demo and how the implementation can be controlled and visualized with Jira Align.

Scaling Agile Summit 2020

Meet catworkx at 17th and June 18 at the Scaling Agile Summit 2020. As gold sponsor catworkx will be represented with a lecture for the first time. Due to the Corona crisis, the Summit will be held as a video conference. This year, the Summit is going into its third round and offers interested parties…

Competent guide to agility: the Atlassian Agile Coach

Agility is on everyone’s lips – many companies are looking at new methods of collaboration. How and by what means can companies react quickly and effectively to changes? Which tools are useful? And what do companies have to consider? These questions are answered by Atlassian’s Agile Coach – the guide to agile development. On this site, interested parties will find a lot of useful information about agility: from Scrum, Kanban, agile project management, information about processes and guidelines for collaborative design (Agile Design) to answering questions about how to build an agile team and step-by-step instructions for more agility in companies using Jira software (Jira Tutorial).