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ITIL Incident Management with catworkx app “Matrix for Jira”

published Mar 27, 2019 10:20 AM
With catworkx’ new app “Matrix for Jira” you can visualize relevant values of a Jira issue in a flexible two-dimensional matrix by putting each of the according custom fields on an axis. Jira issues are represented by single cards which can be drag’n’dropped within the matrix, automatically changing the corresponding custom field values. With this flexible architecture, “Matrix for Jira” supports various use cases. Its comprehensive feature set enables teams to visualize and prioritize complex project components as well as important operational topics.

IT Services represent an important success factor in businesses these days: it is a part which determines whether a business can compete in the market or not. One integral part of IT Services is Incident Management: Incidents interrupt day-to-day operations and have an impact on performance and productivity. Therefore, resolving incidents should be a primary objective. The priority of an incident results from the assessment of the following two criteria:

  1. Impact 
  2. Urgency

Impact is used to describe the extent of an incident, i.e. what potential damage it might cause. Urgency again indicates how quickly an incident has to be resolved. 

Matrix for Jira_IT Service Management

“Matrix for Jira” helps to visualize the allocation of incidents to impact and urgency categories in a priority matrix. Impact and urgency are displayed on the x- and y-axis with priorities being assigned to the resulting cells. The additional feature of coloring cells according to their priority helps to identify an incident’s priority at first glance, which supports IT Service Organisations in processing incidents according to their priority and meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA). 


  • Configurable axis
  • Selection of issues by JQL
  • Change of values by drag & drop
  • Hide irrelevant issues by Quick Filter
  • Switch between full and compact view
  • Creation of multiple matrices with different configurations 

"Matrix for Jira" is available on the Atlassian Marketplace  

For more information about the catworkx app "Matrix for Jira" please visit our product page (German only) and documentation space.