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IDC Partner Spotlight on Red Hat and catworkx: modernization, standardization and scaling of Atlassian applications within the secure Teamworkx Cloud delivers advantages in digitalization

published Jul 04, 2019 10:00 AM
The setup and operation of Atlassian applications are limited technically. The new Teamworkx Cloud from catworkx breaks through these limits. The Atlassian Platinum Partner, catworkx, relies on the advanced orchestration of container technology with Red Hat OpenShift for Atlassian applications. A recent whitepaper of the International Data Corporation (IDC) points out: Teamworkx Cloud achieves decisive advantages in digitalization.

Teamworkx CloudThe International Data Corporation (IDC) is one of the leading consulting firms with a focus on market analyses for IT, and positions catworkx in the analyst report as one of the leading experts in the Atlassian environment – “IDC Partner Spotlight: Modernise, Standardise and Scale the Atlassian Environment With the catworkx Red Hat OpenShift‐ Based Teamworkx Cloud Platform“.

Digital transformation and agility are the motor for all staff: for CEOs, software developers, Managers and for every employee in large or small enterprises. Here it is often a self-created ecosystem grown over years which regulates the internal processes, deployments, priorities and customer support like clockwork.

The growing popularity of Atlassian applications has ensured that Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, for example, are used as the core, extended by many iterative adaptations and apps. These systems are put together individually for each customer. The testing of new apps, regular security updates and ongoing maintenance of IT systems are classified as "mission critical". These maintenance tasks must be planned in detail via projects, then tested and finally rolled out. Their added value often takes effect too late in agile working teams.

According to a recent forecast by market analyst IDC, the following is clear: If the company is to withstand the digital transformationand the new, rapid reactions of its market, the end of the non-standardized Atlassian environments has long since arrived. The IDC predicts that by 2029 approximately 75%of large enterprises will be digital native enterprises: this means that they will have completed an enterprise-wide transformation of their technologies, staff and processes into digital natives.

On-Premises Cloud Platform offers a viable alternative

For many Atlassian customers in Europe, switching to the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) world of the Atlassian Cloud is quite conceivable, but not yet possible. The particularly high level of data protection in Europe, the continuing lack of data sovereignty in the EU as well as limitations are obstacles to a switch to a rejuvenated IT environment.

Red Hat OpenShiftAs early as 2017, the catworkx team recognized this growing challenge as well as the lack of a real alternative in the form of an on-premises cloud platform. Since April 2019, catworkx has been able to offer Teamworkx Cloud, a Red Hat OpenShift-based, fully automated platform for automating and orchestrating Atlassian environments - either as an on-premises version in the customer's own data center or as a cloud offering hosted in Germany. 

Thanks to Red Hat OpenShift, a powerful fast hybrid cloud solution can be realized. Native integrated technologies such as Docker allow Teamworkx Cloud to be installed at providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud. In addition to the Atlassian applications JiraConfluence and Bitbucket,Teamworkx Cloud also includes special apps developed by catworkx that focus on automating system administrationmonitoring and maintenance tasks, thereby simplifying and dramatically speeding up administration tasks. Teamworkx Cloud is connected to the Atlassian Marketplace with over 2,000 apps and can individually extend their Atlassian applications.

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catworkx is pleased to offer Teamworkx Cloud, an enterprise solution that comprehensively combines business solutions and apps in the Atlassian Ecosystem. 

You can receive additional information on our website about Teamworkx Cloud, by email at  or by telephone at +49 40 890646-0.