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App-News: Making Strategic Business Decisions with the catworkx app "Matrix for Jira"

published Mar 21, 2019 09:00 AM
Strategic decisions do not appear from nowhere – and neither are they a matter of fortune. Decisions can have grave consequences – positive as well as negative. At least, it’s about your business which sounds like a good enough reason to rationalise strategic decisions as much as possible. A popular approach to make reasonable decisions is a cost-benefit-analysis which can now be performed easily and visualised nicely by catworkx’ new “Matrix for Jira” app. It shows the proportion of two relevant values in a matrix based on configurable single-select custom fields for the horizontal and the vertical axis. Items of the actual evaluation are represented as cards in the matrix which can be moved dynamically by drag’n’drop.

The evaluation of cost and benefit in the app is based on value categories, not absolute numbers - specifically, cost categories on the x-axis and benefit categories on the y-axis. The result of each evaluation is displayed as a card on a board similar to Scrum or Kanban boards in Jira. The advantage: you can identify at first glance which products offer a profitable cost-benefit-ratio. In addition to product development, cost-benefit-analysis is helpful for various other uses cases, e.g. the acquisition of new tools, the evaluation of service agreements and investments in general.

Matrix for Jira_cost category


Matrix for Jira_cost benefit analysis


  • Configurable axis
  • Selection of issues by JQL
  • Change of values by drag & drop
  • Hide irrelevant issues by Quick Filter
  • Switch between full and compact view
  • Creation of multiple matrices with different configurations 
  • Add matrix to Jira dashboards or confluence pages 

"Matrix for Jira" is available on the Atlassian Marketplace  

For more information about the catworkx app "Matrix for Jira" please visit our product page (German only) and documentation space.