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App news: Major release on version 10 for the "Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira" - PDF export easier than ever

published Sep 21, 2020 12:05 PM
Automatically create and update pages from Jira in Confluence - this works with the „Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira“ from catworkx. With the use of this app you can easily and quickly create a process or project documentation. The current major release on version 10 includes new features and changes to the system architecture: new features include the PDF export option via a pre-installed standard template to output the print view of an issue.

Teamworkx Issue Publisher for JiraWith the „Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira" catworkx provides an app that allows the creation or updating of a Confluence page from within a Jira application. This is a big advantage because the gap between Jira and Confluence cannot always be closed completely: If the Confluence and Jira onboard tools allow you to create one or even several Jira processes at once, e.g. on Confluence pages by macros or mouse-overs, Jira only allows you to link existing Confluence pages.

This is where the „Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira“ comes into play: The app allows to create and later update Confluence pages or blog posts from within Jira. A template is available for this purpose. In this template, in connection with the issue(s) whose content is to be published, the Issue Publisher for Jira fills field values into placeholders. This template, as well as others, can be quickly and easily customized to meet your needs. But it is not only possible to create Confluence pages: Emails based on templates can be sent and the creation of PDFs and text files is also easy to do.

Basically, the app supports three ways of publishing:
automated publishing via a post-function during a status transition, automated publishing for case events and manual publishing via „Publish Issue“ operation in the „More“ menu of the case view.

NEW: easy, fast PDF export from Jira to Confluence

With the new app version 10 it is now possible to create PDFs directly on Jira-Issue. This is done via a PDF export option, with a pre-installed standard template. The generated PDFs based on HTML templates are uploaded as attachments to the issue and can optionally be moved to a Confluence page using the Move Attachment operation. The app also replaces the catworkx solution „Create and Merge PDF“ which allows the creation and merging of PDF documents directly on Jira-Issue.

Through strong integration with other popular marketplace apps such as Insight, Profields, Table Grid or the Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira, the Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira will soon be able to demonstrate its particular strengths in the cloud too.

The Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Further information about the app can be found in our documentation.

Available shortly: Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira for Atlassian Data Center

We intend to launch a data center version of our Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira app on the Atlassian Marketplace within the next three months. Existing customers who run Jira as a data center version and still use the server version of the app will have to switch to the corresponding license for their data center instance at the next renewal/extension in accordance with Marketplace rules.

If you have any questions about the Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira app or our other Atlassian apps, please contact us.
We are looking forward to you!