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App news: Demand management with catworkx' app "Matrix for Jira"

published Mar 22, 2019 08:20 AM
Prioritizing requirements for IT teams is just one of many possible use cases of catworkx' new app "Matrix for Jira". The fully customizable matrix creates a quick and comprehensible overview and it helps to implement strategic requirements promptly.

Company IT teams are under huge pressure of time: In addition to at least partially unpredictable operational tasks, they are constantly challenged by business teams submitting complex and urgent requirements, which results in all requests being handled on a "first come, first served" basis.  Really urgent tasks are postponed which harbors the risk of economic damage for the whole enterprise. A useful approach to this dilemma is strategic Demand Management, which requires a Demand Manager to evaluate requirements according to the strategic benefit and profitability for the company. 

The "Matrix for Jira" app developed by catworkx is a useful tool that supports those colleagues in charge to make these decisions. The fully customizable matrix can be adapted for Demand Management. The return of investment of a demand can be scaled on the X axis of the matrix and its strategic benefit on the Y axis. Equally user-friendly as Kanban or Scrum boards in Jira, the individual requirements can be arranged in a matrix and easily reclassified by drag'n'drop. With a single glimpse the demand manager is shown which requirements offer both a high strategic benefit and a high return of investment - and which are to be treated more subordinately. The prioritization of individual requirements can be presented quickly and comprehensibly, so that really important things can be implemented.

Use case demand management


  • Configurable axis
  • Selection of issues by JQL
  • Change of values by drag & drop
  • Hide irrelevant issues by Quick Filter
  • Switch between full and compact view
  • Creation of multiple matrices with different configurations

"Matrix for Jira" is available on the Atlassian Marketplace
For more information about the catworkx app "Matrix for Jira" please visit our product page and documentation space