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App news: Concrete risk management with the new catworkx app "Matrix for Jira"

published Feb 18, 2019 12:10 AM
To detect potential threats within a project is the primary goal of risk management. To be able to estimate and control these threats before they affect the project you need appropriate measures. The new catworkx app „Matrix for Jira“ supports cross functional teams to detect such threats early and systematically to reduce prospective risks.

Product innovation by catworkxThe new catworkx app "Matrix for Jira" is multifunctional and comes with various configuration options. You can apply and customize it for many use cases such as risk management – especially to analyzequantify and control risks. 

Risk assessment depends on criteria such as impact and probability. Using the app, you can set up these criteria and the according values to define the axis and derive a risk's priority from its position in the matrix.  

The wide range of functions of the new catworkx app "Matrix for Jira" enables cross functional teams to visualize and prioritize complex project components as well as important business topics.


  • Configurable axis
  • Selection of issues by JQL
  • Change of values by drag & drop
  • Hide irrelevant issues by Quick Filter
  • Switch between full and compact view
  • Creation of multiple matrices with different configurations 

"Matrix for Jira" is available on the Atlassian Marketplace  

For more information about the catworkx app "Matrix for Jira" please visit our product page and documentation space.

>> App demonstration on YouTube