Atlassian Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

Companies running large and numerous Atlassian instances often need to keep track of hundreds of individual licenses. These can be licenses for Atlassian software (e.g. Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket) as well as licenses for Marketplace Apps. For these enterprise customers, catworkx provides a comprehensive portfolio of tools for managing their Atlassian licenses.

We are happy to assist you if you want to use Atlassian’s Enterprise License Agreement (ELA). Developed specifically for large companies and corporations, the ELA includes all Atlassian products for collaboration, development and delivery. It also provides one or more Technical Account Managers (TAM) and Premium Support 24/7 (PS), depending on the number of unique users.

ELA is available from a number of 10,000 unique users in the deployment variants Data Center or server group-wide. The ELA can be extended with special tools developed by catworkx that make license management much easier.

As part of its Atlassian 360° Enterprise Solution, catworkx has many years of expertise in managing Atlassian licenses and is happy to help you keep all your licenses under control, be optimally licensed and compliant.

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