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Atlassian software helps teams of all sizes collaborate successfully across borders and time zones. By integrating the holistic Atlassian product suite, all parties involved, for example those working with different schedules, cycles, launches and architectures, receive the information they need at the right time. Atlassian Enterprise combines the following Atlassian services and support functions, enabling users, team leaders and managers in larger organizations to work together seamlessly.

Security and privacy

In the Atlassian Enterprise environment, large companies increasingly rely on Atlassian Stack. The entire Atlassian portfolio is licensed at a cost-effective all-inclusive price. The use of Atlassian products behind a firewall guarantees security in the areas of IT security and data protection, so that sensitive company data is comprehensively protected against unauthorized access. Users of Atlassian software also benefit from single sign-on integration and a stable authorization system.


Atlassian enables companies in highly regulated industries that have to meet high government (data protection) requirements to flexibly customize internal log logs, which means that even an admin can be denied access to customer data . Atlassian Enterprise also offers the option of generating data snapshots of the system.

Atlassian Licenses

The provision of the cost overviewfor Atlassian products on the Internet creates transparency and planning security. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, catworkx supports those responsible in optimizing comprehensive license models and costs and in calculating long-term service license contracts of up to three years. catworkx also supports you in managing your Atlassian licenses and reminds you in time before expiration of a renewal.

International communication

In internationally operating companies, communication takes place across country borders and time zones. In order to ensure that real-time and asynchronous communication in teams of different sizes is flawless, many adjustments are required in the IT infrastructure. Using Atlassian software, data can be easily stored, managed, found, retrieved, shared and sent at any time, anywhere in the world . Release processes are subsequently accelerated. Atlassian products thus bring teams together all over the world.

World-class support – around the clock

Business critical questions are answered by Atlassian Premier Support (24/7) within 30 minutes or two hours (for non-critical questions). This allows users to get quick support when it is urgently needed. This competent support is provided by experienced engineers and support technicians.

Flexibility and expandability

Each product has customization options, apps and an extensible Application Programming Interface (API) for customer-specific developments.

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