Webinar: Agile Projects in Jira with ALM Works Apps Structure & Structure.Gantt

Agile projects in Jira with ALM Works Structure and Structure.Gantt

In agile projects you already successfully use the Scrum functionalities of Jira? But do you lack possibilities to better represent hierarchies, to quickly identify dependencies and planning conflicts or simply to display agile projects on a time axis? Learn in our webinar how you can use the Atlassian Marketplace apps “Structure” and “Structure.Gantt” from ALM Works to bring overview to your agile projects.

Webinar: Agile Scaling with Atlassian Tools

Agile scaling with Atlassian Tools

The PI Planning (Program Increment Planning – central synchronization meeting) within SAFe® can also be carried out successfully and cost-savingly in the remote version. In our webinar, speaker Christoph Piotrowski (SAFe® Program Consultant and Agile Coach at catworkx) will show which tools can be used to make PI planning work from a distance and thus strengthen the cohesion across team boundaries.

Webinar: Release workflows with Comalatech apps

Approval workflows and publishing with Comalatech apps for Confluence

Do you need an approval process for your Confluence content? You only want to make valid content visible to your users? You want your team to be able to continue working on the content in the background until the next publication? For these and some other use cases Markus Stranziger presents the Marketplace apps “Comala Document Management” and “Comala Publishing” from the app manufacturer Comalatech.