bb Customer Story Process Optimization

Audit successfully passed: Process Optimization According to Automotive SPICE® with SAFe® and Atlassian Tools

A large automotive supplier for drive technologies was faced with the challenge of having processes of an extensive development project certified by an external auditor according to the Automotive SPICE standard. In addition to the use of suitable Atlassian tools, the focus was also on process adaptations within the agile framework SAFe® and thus the mapping of dependencies within individual teams and their tasks.


The way to more transparency in IT with Jira software

More transparency in IT and with external service providers – this was the challenge facing a large financial services provider with around 17,000 consultants in operation. The IT department was already working with Jira software from Atlassian. Nevertheless, there was always a lack of transparency. Together with catworkx, Jira software was introduced and further developed across the company over a project period of six years, among other things for the mapping of action management, for time recording in IT and for cooperation with external service providers. In the next step, Jira software was also used in the IT line departments and central business departments.

Customer Story - Problem Management

Problem Management with Jira Software from Atlassian

catworkx has dedicated itself to the optimization of problem management in service and support for a global customer in the vending machine industry. The main requirement in this project was the automation of processes, which catworkx successfully implemented with Jira software from Atlassian and the apps “Score Rating for Jira” and “Copy & Sync”. Other project priorities were improved transparency, planning and efficiency.

Customer Story - Root Caus Analysis

Improved performance and stability of Atlassian environments through catworkx root cause analysis

Root cause analyses, RCA for short, get to the bottom of problems. Used correctly, they not only improve the security of IT infrastructures (e.g. Atlassian environments) in companies, but also eliminate errors and thus increase performance. Especially in large companies and groups with complex structures, the search for the cause of performance problems is very demanding. It depends crucially on good communication between the employees involved and good stakeholder coordination.

Customer Story  - Time Tracking

Cross-departmental time tracking in large enterprises with Jira software and Tempo for Jira

Sooner or later, every company is faced with the question of how to record the working hours of its employees. Who spends how much time on which project is important information for project management and controlling. Through the evaluation and analysis of the time recording, key figures are available which enable the management to draw conclusions about the productivity of the company.

Customer Story - IT Status

Central control of IT failures: catworkx creates a connection between Jira and Statuspage

Failures of IT systems in companies are not only annoying, they also cause costs and additional work. The service status page developed by Atlassian provides an overview: Which systems are affected by an outage, how serious is this outage and what is the status of an outage. The shortcoming: IT administrators have to manually enter and maintain the respective failures in the status page. This is where an extension developed by catworkx comes in: By connecting Jira software to the status page it is possible to document and control failures directly from Jira.

Customer Story - Integrated Partner and User Portal

Integrated Project and User Portal (IPUP): Transparent and flexible management of projects and users in large environments

Development departments in large companies often lead a life of their own with regard to the software they use for their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). There are dangers in that: Especially in these departments, where sensitive data is often involved, transparency and traceability should actually be the top priority. Managers must be able to check at any time which users are working on which projects with which tools. This challenge was also faced by a globally active manufacturer of automotive accessories. The long-standing Atlassian partner catworkx developed a tool for this company with which projects and the assignment of their participating users are set up (provisioned) largely automatically: the Integrated Project and User Portal (IPUP).

Customer Story - R

catworkx extension for the R4J app: automated creation of request structures for new Jira projects

As a long-standing Atlassian partner, catworkx connects and extends the products and apps in the Atlassian ecosystem – tailored to the customer’s needs. After the changeover in requirements management to Jira at a global manufacturer of banking and POS systems, it became clear that when creating new projects, it was still necessary to manually copy initial requirements structures. The solution: The extension “Project Management to R4J” (PM2R4J) developed by catworkx, which enables automated provisioning.

Integration of demand and project portfolio management in Jira

In the area of demand management, catworkx was also able to demonstrate Jira’s great flexibility in a customer project and show that relevant business data and influencing factors can be optimally channelled and evaluated in this way. On the basis of Jira, catworkx developed an individual demand management with rating functionality for a major international Hamburg-based company and integrated it into the company’s existing project portfolio management. Requirements and project proposals can be recorded via a Jira process and can be easily evaluated and managed by those responsible with the help of a scorecard.