You want to study, but at the same time gain some practical experience? Then a dual study program could be just right for you. We asked our dual student Lars how it feels to combine professional practice at catworkx with academic studies and why it is so important to choose the right company. Interview.

Hello Lars! Please introduce yourself briefly to our readers.

Lars: Moin, my name is Lars. I come from the beautiful village of Freiburg/Elbe and have been working at catworkx for almost a year. I am a computer science student and currently in my second semester at IU in Hamburg.

What are you studying and why did you choose this course of study?

Lars: I decided to study computer science because it is a very comprehensive subject, I enjoy this field and also because the job market is looking for exactly this kind of people. So there is a good chance of getting a job afterwards.

What made you decide to join us as a dual student?

Lars: After I applied – via the university – to catworkx as a dual student, I was invited for an interview. There I met Ann-Katrin and Wolfgang and had a very pleasant conversation with them. Afterwards, I was invited to try my hand at a first project. I didn’t know Jira at that time – but was fascinated by what you can do “with it”.

I also liked the atmosphere at catworkx. Everyone is so open with each other there. And I can also live out my passion for programming there. 😉

My decision was made after having a very informative conversation with the developer Jörn: How everything works here, what they “craft” for App’s and especially for whom. My interest in this company, in catworkx was strengthened by the conversation – and now I am here. 🙂

Can you tell us about your onboarding, how did you perceive your attitude, your first steps here?

Lars: My onboarding turned out to be a bit “challenging” – I was hired in times of Corona – almost everyone was in the mobile office at that time. Only gradually did I get to know my colleagues at catworkx. This was already an unusual and sometimes challenging situation. But everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so far has been very friendly. I like the fact that there are always people to talk to here, that no one leaves you hanging, and that things are explained to you so often that you understand them. I think it’s good that I’m given time to do my work and that I’m not constantly being watched. I started with another colleague at the same time – that also helps – so the feeling that you are not alone with your thoughts and “little problems”.

Can you describe a typical working day for us? What does it look like?

Lars: My typical workday looks like this: First, I go through my emails, check to see if anything important is pending. After that, I turn to my projects (smaller Forge App’s I’m supposed to build). That’s why I’m currently working my way into Forge and cloud computing. But I also have to concentrate on my studies. To sum it up, my work day is mostly learning. 😅

What do you particularly like about/in your dual study program, are there highlights or something you don’t like so much?

Lars: What I like most about my studies is that practice and theory are linked and complement each other. In my studies, I learn the basics and try to put them into practice.

Another request: Many people say that a dual study program is terribly exhausting – how do you feel about it so far?

Lars: My feeling is that it is not exhausting. But I think you need good time management to get things done on time. You can learn that – if you don’t already bring it with you …

What do you look forward to in the morning when you drive to work?

Lars: What I enjoy most is being able to talk to colleagues to gather new ideas or expand my knowledge.

And last: Would you recommend catworkx as a dual study partner, as a company?

Lars: Yes 👍