In our new blog article, we take a look behind the scenes and see who actually works at catworkx. During our foray through the – due to corona – almost empty offices, we stopped in front of one door in particular: Room 08.15. In fact, this office has the internal number 08.15 and is the workplace of a catworkx veteran. Highly concentrated, sitting behind various screens, is our long-time employee Holger Lehmann, who has been working at catworkx for over 21 years. An interview with him revealed some exciting facts.

Please introduce yourself briefly! Who are you? What do you do at catworkx?

Holle: My name is Holger Lehmann – but everyone just calls me Holle – and I work as a Senior Atlassian Consultant at catworlx. I studied technical computer science at the FH in Hamburg, and since then I have been allowed to call myself Dipl-Ing. (FH) and have been employed at catworkx for over 21 years.

Here I do everything: from wrenching on the computer, compiling Linux, to developing, to advising customers and merging Jira systems. I also maintain our dev toolchain (Bitbucket/Bamboo/Sonarqube/Fisheye/Artifactory) and support our Linux desktop users. You can say “I’m in” – since Linux 0.99pl14 and since Jira 0.9.

Holle and his six screens

Particularly noticeable at your workstation are the six screens. What do you need them for?

Holle: There are eight screens! (smiles) If you are performing very complex tasks that require you to click around in the browser at the same time, e.g. reading messages in Jira, and also want to keep an eye on instructions and notes, it is very helpful if you don’t have to re-sort your windows every 20 seconds.

Also, I don’t particularly like not having programs open at full size, so I give away “screen real estate” (screen space), it’s paid for and may be used – along the lines of “you may touch the hammer all the way down, the handle is all paid for.”

What does your day-to-day work at catworkx look like?

Holle: So – if I were to describe my process, it goes something like this: I check my e-mails, look in our internal chat to see if there are any meaningful messages. Then there is first of all a coffee … After that comes the Daily round. After all this information, I grab the current issue from the Jira stack and get to work. After that, I record the time, get another coffee, grab the next issue from the Jira pile, and so on and so forth. No, seriously: My working day looks just like many others: With a lot of work, some meetings, but also nice things, like the exchange with colleagues on Friday afternoons after four o’clock in a relaxed round.

With over 20 years with the company, you are one of the longest-serving employees. Why have you enjoyed working at catworkx for so long?

Holle: As always, there are several reasons for that: For one, our founder Oliver Groht invited me to work for him back then. On the other hand, I can use my freedom here and there to help shape the company, which is probably also due to the fact that I’ve been here for so long. Last but not least, we have a great team here and I can use my knowledge at catworkx very well.

What makes your field so exciting for you?

Holle: From my point of view, I can’t be firmly assigned to one area. Of course, I also develop Atlassian apps or tools to get a grip on the daily madness (laughs). I am also often a sparring partner for colleagues who need to discuss an idea. That makes me happy and also makes my work so varied, because it’s not just the specialist colleagues who “come knocking”, but sometimes also those from marketing (winks). So I can always use my different skills in a new and different way. Also, I get to work on the most complicated issues with clients where others say “it can’t be done, it’s impossible.” That’s why I’m nicknamed “firefighter” at catworkx (laughs). Seems like I can implement one or two things in a meaningful way.

Why should you apply at catworkx?

Holle: The spice of the answer is in the brevity: We’re a great team, there are nice colleagues, exciting tasks for every collar size, you’re allowed to work under Linux if you want, you can present your own ideas and if they’re “cool” we’ll implement them, i.e. we’re open to the ideas of all employees.

Finally, two personal questions that are particularly important for our office life 😉
Coffee or tea, Windows or Linux?

Holle: Cappucino and espresso – and if I have time: A pot of tea. Otherwise I can only say: GNU Emacs of course ;-). Mac OS is still missing from the question (smiles). However, I only use Mac OS on my Mac Book. And: Of course I am a Linux user since the beginning of time.