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Atlassian’s premium cloud product plans provide your business with reliable scaling through high availability (SLA 99.9%), 24/7 support, and unlimited storage. Just try it out with a Free Cloud Trial!

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Migrations don’t happen overnight. Planning, evaluation and testing play an important role in a successful migration. This Atlassian offering helps you transition to the cloud (at no additional licensing cost) during your current maintenance period (up to 12 months) and ensures that a cloud solution is right for you before you abandon your self-managed solution.

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Cloud offerings give you the flexibility to extend and upgrade Atlassian products based on the complexity of your teams’ needs. Extended cloud trials allow you to test both standard and premium subscriptions to find out which version suits you best.

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Benefit from the latest cloud innovations – without weekend upgrades or server downtime. Visit Atlassian’s Platform Roadmap for a brief overview of cloud news.

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Atlassian projects protect your data by encrypting data in transit and at rest. They provide administrative controls to enforce enterprise-wide protections such as SAML SSO, enforced two-factor authentication (2FA), and SCIM.

Data protection

Atlassian is committed to protecting data from you and your customers using industry best practices such as Privacy Shield and very strict compliance with the GDPR.


As part of the Atlassian Compliance Program, Atlassian products undergo independent third-party audits and certifications for SOC2, ISO 27001/27018, and more.


Atlassian products are designed for high performance and availability, and are built with best-in-class core technologies so you can scale with confidence.

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