Efficiently share information and collaborate

Create, edit, and organize content in one place: Confluence Cloud provides teams and organizations with a platform to efficiently share information and collaborate.

Knowledge Management

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Create a Single Source of Truth

Save time by consolidating your teams’ collective knowledge in one place and turning it into easy-to-find answers for everyone.

Wissensmanagement Confluence Cloud

Cross-project cooperation

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Projektübergreifende Zusammenarbeit Confluence

Move your project work forward

From meeting notes to project plans, start and organize teamwork with a flexible workspace.

Employee Engagement

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Encourage open team communication

Encourage all teams – from marketing to support – to share announcements, reinforce company culture, and give and receive feedback.

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What are the reasons for using Confluence?

Breaking down team silos

An open, networked structure enables the free flow of information between all employees of the company.

Open teamwork and communication

With features like @mentionings or inline comments, employees at every level have the opportunity to contribute, share knowledge, give and receive feedback.

Establishment of a common knowledge base / corporate wiki

Create a persistent knowledge base for your organization so that great ideas or verbal votes don't get lost in a fleeting notification or chat.

Specific templates for each team make it easy to get started right away

Confluence comes with best practice templates for different teams (HR, Marketing, Executive, Service, Support, Product) so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Start simple and maintain consistency across teams and projects.

Organize everything in one place

From quarterly planning documents to blogs for new employees, everything can be found in one place.

Over 60,000 customers worldwide use Confluence for their projects and collaboration

Best practice templates for different teams

User limit by Confluence Cloud variants

User limit (per site)10 users10,000 users10,000 usersMore than 10,000 users
RecommendationFor small teams that want to document project information and decisions.For growing teams that want to collaborate and share knowledge.For organizations that want to scale while leveraging advanced content controls.For large enterprises with a need for global scale, security and governance.

Plans for Confluence Cloud
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Customer Story on the Confluence Cloud: How Blend makes financing systems simple and transparent for consumers

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