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Software-as-a-service solutions have long since ceased to be a trend. Increasingly, IT services such as data storage, computing power or application software are being outsourced to the cloud on a large scale. Atlassian is also on this trend-setting path as an innovation driver and has four different cloud offerings (Free, Standard, Premium & Enterprise) with the appropriate hosting and operating platform for companies and institutions of all sizes.

Technologically the best combined

Atlassian’s cloud infrastructure is implemented with the industry leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thanks to this combination of the Atlassian Cloud Stack and the AWS as infrastructure, the growing number of customers and users in the Atlassian Cloud is no problem. This means that users do not have to worry about software or hardware updates at any time. Atlassian provides the hosting and operation so that the cloud products are always up-to-date. For optimal performance worldwide, the Atlassian Cloud has been further designed with options to avoid redundancy and downtime.

High compliance and security

For Europe, Atlassian has established its own cloud hosting infrastructure in Germany and Ireland. European cloud customers, especially for Jira or Confluence, will benefit from improved product performance, lower latency and other advantages of local data storage. By hosting within Europe, Atlassian is committed to adhering to the high data protection guidelines in the European area. Atlassian cloud products are also certified to many standards, including SOC2 or ISO27001/27018. For detailed information on data protection, compliance or security, please visit the Atlassian Trust Center.

Benefits and Advantages of the Atlassian Cloud

Increase team performance through innovation

Continuous innovation through new features, integrations, and enhancements: Automated updates ensure that administrators and end users are always available with the latest cloud capabilities to be fast and productive with high quality. With over a thousand Marketplace apps, each environment can also be customized and expanded to meet specific needs.

Future security for businesses through scalability

Leverage the technologies of the future and focus clearly on the core business: Atlassian Cloud optimally supports seamless, cross-functional collaboration in the team. When needed, the system grows easily and can be scaled easily, for example with higher demands on data capacity or increasing access and user numbers.

Reliable results with lower operating costs

Server operations, maintenance and downtime are a thing of the past: Immediately-ready systems – taking into account security requirements, compliance and governance – bring great relief and time savings for administrators. The internal costs for hosting and operation are eliminated, the billing model is done via the number of users of the respective application.

Rapid implementation of adjustments and changes

Quick integration of new teams, departments or locations into the Atlassian Cloud – without wasting time: This means that work can be done from anywhere and independently of devices (e.g. via mobile app). The intuitive user interface of the cloud products additionally supports teams in the smooth cooperation and the successful implementation of their projects.

Four different cloud plans for teams of all sizes

Atlassian Cloud FreeAtlassian Cloud StandardAtlassian Cloud PremiumAtlassian Cloud Enterprise
RecommendationThe Free Plan is ideal for small teams, as an introduction to the world of the Atlassian Cloud.The standard Cloud Plan supports growing teams with advanced administration, tighter access control and more storage.The Premium Plan includes all the features of the standard offering and is designed for teams of any size with growth ambitions and the desire to scale quickly. Features such as unlimited storage space, sandbox, 24/7 premium support or SLA for 99.9% availability help to achieve this.The Enterprise Plan offers all the benefits of the Premium plan plus exclusive features such as individual enterprise support or access to unlimited instances. Atlassian Access is also included. Atlassian Cloud Enterprise specifically addresses the needs of internationally working and distributed teams.
User Limits for Jira Software & Confluence1020,00020,00020,000 per instance
User Limits for Jira Service Management3 agents5,000 agents5,000 agentsby request
Storage2 GB250 GBunlimitedunlimited
SupportCommunity Support9-5 Standard Support24/7 Premium Support24/7 Premium Support
Available forJira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, BitbucketJira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, BitbucketJira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, BitbucketJira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence
Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) for GDPR compliant operationsavailableavailableavailableavailable
Data Residencynot availableData Residency eligible in the EU/in GermanyData Residency eligible in the EU/in GermanyData Residency eligible in the EU/in Germany

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