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Teamworkx Suite

When Atlassian products are introduced into companies, the question always arises as to how projects, tasks and processes can be implemented. For this challenge catworkx offers with the "Teamworkx Suite" (part of the enterprise product family "Teamworkx") a resilient decision-making aid. The Teamworkx Suite contains a collection of consulting products and method construction kits (SmartStart and SmartCheck), with whose help Atlassian products (e.g. Jira Service Desk) and procedures (e.g. SAFe® 5) can be quickly and purposefully introduced in companies.

LogoThe use of the Teamworkx Suite is particularly suitable for the application areas ITSM (general service desks / ITIL for IT support), ALM (Application Lifecycle Management for comprehensive software development), Agile (agile methods such as SAFe® 5, SCRUM or hybrid models) as well as for general process digitization and for collaboration and workflow systems.

Teamworkx Suite - Elements & Concept

The Teamworkx Suite is designed in such a way that the consulting elements stand on their own and can be used for concrete needs or specific requirements. The customer can freely choose from the following two elements or combine them:

  • SmartStart as a workshop format for the introduction of Atlassian products
  • SmartCheck as a tool for assessing corresponding processes and methods (SAFe®, ITIL, ITSM) in connection with the selected Atlassian software

The elements themselves are standardized and guarantee a high quality of execution in line with catworkx best practices. At the same time, the elements of the Teamworkx Suite, due to their flexible combinability, support larger change processes at the customer's site. For example, at the beginning of an agile transformation with the customer, an environment with Jira software can be set up (SmartStart) which supports agile working methods on the software side. The new way of working can then be checked later (SmartCheck). 
By combining these consulting elements, SmartSuite is an ideal tool to support an agile change process in iterative steps, based on empirical experience.

SmartStart – targeted introduction of Atlassian products

With Teamworkx SmartStart, as part of the Teamworkx Suite, the customer receives - after a detailed requirements analysis - an individual prototype based on Jira, Jira Service Desk or Confluence. The first data, tasks and documents are already visualized in a collaborative work environment. After an extensive test phase, the results are evaluated and recommended actions for a rollout or a follow-up project are derived.

To keep the effort as low as possible, to make it easy to calculate and to give security to all participants, catworkx offers this workshop at a fixed price plus VAT and expenses.

The process:

1.     detailed analysis of requirements

2.     individual prototype (Jira, Jira Service Desk or Confluence)

3.     test phase (2–4 weeks) with the prototype

4.     acceptance phase including use cases and recommendations for action

SmartCheck – assessment of the methodology and application of the Atlassian toolchain

With Teamworkx SmartCheck, as part of the Teamworkx Suite, the client receives a structured analysis of their current situation: a gap or readiness analysis checks the degree of compliance with processes, standards and frameworks together with the efficiency check of the Atlassian tool deployment. The aim is to determine the quality of processes, methods and tool configurations already introduced in order to be able to make recommendations for action. With a checklist-based approach, customers receive a structured analysis at a fixed price.

The process:

  1. Teamworkx Suite by catworkxPresentation on the topic
    Before the assessment, the client is given any necessary methodological background.
  2. Assessment of the methodology
    Together with the client, the catworkx consultant carries out an evaluation based on a list of criteria.
  3. Assessment of the Atlassian tooling used
    The catworkx consultant analyses the existing tooling and assesses the quality of the methodology used.
  4. Results report
    A report of the results is prepared which on the one hand summarizes the results of the assessment and on the other hand contains concrete recommendations for action.

SmartCheck is currently available in the following form:

  • SmartCheck: SAFe®
    Using qualitative criteria, SmartCheck SAFe® records the competencies in the area of "scaled agility" according to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe® 4.X/ 5.X) of a company as well as the suitability of the current tool configuration. The assessment is performed by a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) certified by Scaled Agile. The result provides the customer with an understandable and clear view of whether the company is ready for the introduction of agile scaled processes.

Teamworkx by catworkx intelligently combines services, business solutions and apps into a complete enterprise portfolio in the Atlassian ecosystem.