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Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites

published Apr 09, 2019 03:55 PM
Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites allows to push as well as pull dashboards and filters to/from the favorites of other users. Pushing can be done automatically via a service running periodically and distributing any filter or dashboard owned by a specific user or group. Manually one can push or pull selected dashboads or filters to specific users or groups.

Teamworkx Push and Pull FavoritesThe app offers various modes for adding filters and dashboards to users' favorites:

1.) A periodic cycle distributes all shared filters or dashboards of a specific user or group of users (corresponds to the old functionality of Dashboard and Filter Distribution).

Configuration of the Pull Service

2.) For the Jira administrator, a manual distribution mechanism of filters and dashboards to specific user groups is available.

Global Push and Pull

3.) For a project administrator, the manual distribution mechanism is available restricted to filters and dashboards of his project and within the limits of the role members.

Project-related Push and Pull

For modes 2 and 3, the collected removal of favorites is also possible. Dashboards are only distributed if all their filter-related gadgets are based on filters that are shared with users who receive the dashboard as a favorite.

Further Information:

Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites is available on the Atlassian Marketplace 
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