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Teamworkx Outlook Integration for Jira

Outlook emails become Jira issues: with the app "Teamworkx Outlook Integration for Jira" developed by catworkx, Jira issues can be created automatically out of incoming e-mails in Microsoft Outlook or comments can be attached to issues.

Teamworkx Outlook Integration for JiraThe Jira app "Teamworkx Outlook Integration for Jira" by catworkx comes with two convenient benefits: new Jira issues can be created automatically out of incoming e-mails in Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. If an e-mail refers to an existing Jira issue, you can attach that e-mail to the issue as a comment.

Outlook Menue

The functionality is very simple: by clicking on an incoming e-mail in Outlook with your right mouse key, you open a context menu and select the option for creating a Jira issue or for attaching a comment. A dialogue will subsequently appear that uses the subject line and the text from the e-mail. 

Create a Jira Issue in Outlook

Select a Jira project as well as the issue type to create a new issue. If required fields need to be completed, the Jira default template to create an issue will open with editable text suggestions. Simply select the relevant project to attach the e-mail as a comment to an existing issue. After sending the form, the issue will be created automatically in Jira and/or the comment will be attached. 

Further information:

Blog-Post by the British Atlassian-Expert BDQ: "Beat email overload with Jira Service Desk and catworkx."

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