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Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira

Seamless integration of service and development processes: service and development - a clash of two worlds. Different systems to monitor activities. Missing interfaces. Erroneous information and loss of information. We know this from our own experience and, as a specialist for systems integration, see it very often at our clients.

Teamworkx OTRS Integration for JiraImproving collaboration between service and development is a special challenge for many development companies. Very often, substantial efficiency can already be achieved by preventing media inconsistencies with the automated transfer of processes. 

The use of OTRS for the service/helpdesk and/or Jira for development (especially of software) is particularly popular. With the app that consists of two components, catworkx provides an integration element that allows not only for automated transfer of processes from one system to the other, but also for synchronization of such processes after processing. In this context, the transfer of comments and appendices plays a particular role.

Detailed features overview:

Automated creation of Jira issues out of OTRS 

  • Creation of Jira issues with the excellent (configured user) reporter via configurable status change or via explicit transfer action triggered by clicking the button 
  • Automated attachment of the issue ID to the OTRS ticket 
  • Automated attachment of all attachments up to the maximum attachment size of the Jira 
  • Automated completion of default and custom fields on the basis of a field mapping 
  • Functional field mapping via additional client-specific scripts is possible 

Creating a Jira issue with OTRS

Creation of OTRS tickets out of Jira 

  • As a post function or action  
  • Creation of the OTRS ticket with default values for client, queue, status and priority 
  • Optional: client and queue can also be indicated during creation  
  • Automated setting of the OTRS ticket ID in the Jira Custom Field
  • Automated attachment of the issue key to the OTRS ticket  
  • Automated attachment of all attachments 

Automated completion of default and dynamic fields on the basis of the field mapping

Creating a Jira issue with OTRS 

Bidirectional linking between processes of both systems

  • if, in OTRS via Dynamic Field, the process is moved within Jira, the Dynamic Field is updated automatically  
  • in Jira both via Custom Field as well as via remote link 

Bidirectional linking between processes of both systems

Bidirectional transfer of comments 

  • Transfer of Jira comments to OTRS tickets with the additional feature "Comment+Subject" (internal Issue Action)
  • Transfer of OTRS comments (articles) to Jira issues
  • Implicit synchronization of the other fields 

Bidirectional transfer of comments

Bidirectional synchronization of fields in case of modification

  • Closing the Jira issue out of the OTRS by means of setting a configurable status 
  • Closing the OTRS ticket by means of setting a configurable status via Jira post function or moving the ticket into a configurable queue 

Further information:

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