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Teamworkx Matrix for Jira

Jira issues can be displayed flexibly in a matrix with the catworkx app "Teamworkx Matrix for Jira". Two axes represent the values of a custom field. The issues are displayed by individual cards that can be moved within the matrix whereby the field values change intuitively. This flexible architecture supports "Teamworkx Matrix for Jira" to be adaptable to a wide range of Use Cases.

Teamworkx Matrix for JiraThe catworkx app "Teamworkx Matrix for Jira" enables the creation of a matrix with a configurable, horizontal and vertical axis in Jira. Issues that can be selected via a JQL query are sorted into the matrix based on their field values and appear as a card within the Matrix.

Flexible configuration

Cards can be moved within the matrix by means of a Drag & Drop feature (similar to Jira Software Kanban/Scrum Boards). The field values are changed accordingly. 

Matrix Costs Versus Profit

"Teamworks Matrix for Jira" enables independent configuration of different matrixes on a matrix level – and not on a system level. After selecting a Custom Field for an axis, specific field values can be assigned to the cells in the matrix. 

Configuration of the Matrix

Also the information displayed on a card can be set freely. The display of a "Score" value can be implemented easily. This flexibility enables the use of "Teamworkx Matrix for Jira" for a variety of Use Cases and not only for risk analysis.

Issues displayed in the matrix can be filtered fast and easily via configurable quick filters, which enhances clarity.

Use Cases:

  • Risk management: damage vs. probability of risk
  • Business/product strategy: costs vs. profit
  • Demand Management: return vs. strategic value
  • ITIL Incident Management: impact vs. priority 
  • Stakeholder analysis: interest vs. influence
  • Product/portfolio matrix (for marketing planning): growth vs. market share
  • Eisenhower method (for task management): importance vs. priority  
  • and much more


  • Freely selectable axes 
  • Selection of the displayed issues via JQL query 
  • Modification of field values via Drag & Drop
  • Hiding of irrelevant issues by means of Quick Filter 
  • Switching between normal and compact display 
  • Creation of multiple matrixes with different configurations 

Further information:

Teamworkx Matrix for Jira is available at the Atlassian Marketplace
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