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Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira

Teamworkx Issue Publisher made by catworkx creates and automates pages in Confluence and inserts any fields values of Jira processes into freely definable slots on these pages. Therefore, Teamworkx Issue Publisher does not only enable the automated creation of a process or project documentation (e.g. "What's new" pages) but can also be used for example to trigger the creation of quotes, contracts and invoices out of the Jira application.

Teamworkx Issue Publisher for JiraMany companies have already used Confluence for documentation as an add-on to their Jira application. "Integration of both systems" in the Atlassian jargon primarily means that requirement definitions and product specifications are maintained in Confluence. Links to corresponding Jira processes have been inserted at an appropriate place. In the opposite direction, there is now the possibility to create a link from a Jira process to an existing Confluence page.

With Teamworkx Issue Publisher, catworkx provides an app by means of which the creation or update of a Confluence page is triggered out of a Jira application. Three possibilities of publication are supported in this process: 

  1. Automatically via a post feature during a status transition
  2. Manually via a bulk operation in the process navigator 
  3. Manually via the "Publish Issue" operation in the "More" menu of the process view 

The appearance of the Confluence pages is determined in advance through the creation of page templates in Confluence. All possibilities offered by Confluence are available for formatting of a page. A wildcard is inserted on the page at the places where process data are to be output at a later stage. If, during creation of the template, it is already clear that the target page is only created once or overwritten completely during a later update, one variable will be sufficient as a wildcard. If, however, it is clear that only the values from the Jira processes should be updated during an update, the included Jira Field Value macro for Confluence shall be used as a wildcard.

Jira Field Value Makro for Confluence

The page templates are imported via the template management of the Issue Publisher.

Page Templates Management in Jira

When executed via workflow transition or process action, the Issue Publisher creates a new Confluence page or page version. Placeholders inserted in the template are replaced by the actual field values of the process. The page versioning in Confluence allows the user to access older documentation at any time and thus be informed about the development of the processes.

Publish Issue Operation


  • Post function to create and update Confluence pages 
  • Configurable operations for creating and updating Confluence pages 
  • Bulk operation to create and update Confluence pages 
  • Moving or copying of attachments from a Jira process to the relevant Confluence page 
  • Freely customizable templates directly in Confluence 
  • Distinction between templates for publication of individual or multiple processes 
  • Confluence macro that is replaced with field values by Jira 
  • Confluence macro that defines the area that can be overwritten with Jira process information 
  • Output of Riada Insight objects on Confluence pages 

Further information:

Client feedback:

"This is THE APP if you want to create pages in Confluence from Jira issues. I just created some 200 pages in under 30 seconds from an Riada Insight synchronization, which created Jira issues, which triggered a post function from Issue Publisher. Result: Perfectly tailored Confluence pages containing all needed information from our Insight objects. What a solution!"

Review by Jan-Peter Rusch from Schäferbarthold GmbH at the Atlassian-Marketplace about the catworkx App "Issue Publisher for Jira"

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