catworkx is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner located in Germany (Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich), Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Winterthur, Lucerne), which specializes 100 % in Atlassian solutions and consulting.


Your Atlassian Platinum Partner for 360° Enterprise Solutions

catworkx, that works.

Atlassian Cloud

Be faster, improve ROI and invest more in your core business with the Atlassian Cloud.

Future security for businesses through scalability

Leverage the technologies of the future and focus clearly on the core business: Atlassian Cloud optimally supports seamless, cross-functional collaboration in the team. When needed, the system grows easily and can be scaled easily, for example with higher demands on data capacity or increasing access and user numbers.

Reliable results with lower operating costs

Server operations, maintenance and downtime are a thing of the past: Immediately-ready systems – taking into account security requirements, compliance and governance – bring great relief and time savings for administrators. The internal costs for hosting and operation are eliminated, the billing model is done via the number of users of the respective application.

Increase team performance through innovation

Continuous innovation through new features, integrations, and enhancements: Automated updates ensure that administrators and end users are always available with the latest cloud capabilities to be fast and productive with high quality. Thanks to thousands of Marketplace apps, each environment can also be customized and expanded to meet specific needs.

Rapid implementation of adjustments and changes

Quick integration of new teams, departments or locations into the Atlassian Cloud – without wasting time: This means that work can be done from anywhere and independently of devices (e.g. via mobile app). The intuitive user interface of the cloud products additionally supports teams in the smooth cooperation and the successful implementation of their projects.

How can we support you as an Atlassian Platinum Partner?

With more than 18 years of experience in the Atlassian Ecosystem

catworkx, that works. Atlassian Enterprise Solutions & Services

Good reasons that speak for us as Atlassian Partner:

We have been successful with Atlassian tools since 2002 and are 100% specialized in Atlassian solutions.
We are among the top 3 Atlassian Platinum Partners in Atlassian’s German partner directory.
We offer over 6600 person days per year of consulting capacity.
We support more than 650 Atlassian installations in German-speaking countries.
We are the largest Atlassian training partner worldwide.
We are there for you in the entire DACH area.

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