ALM Works

ALM Works specializes in developing project management tools. We are best known for Structure, a Jira app that allows individuals and teams to organize cross-project collections of issues into hierarchies of any depth, with aggregated values for progress, time and other Jira fields.

It can automatically adjust hierarchies to match existing Jira relations such as Issue and Epic Links. Our mission is to create software that is easy and intuitive to use, that adds value to existing business processes and increases productivity wherever possible.


Structure: Enterprise-level issue organization and hierarchy – multi-level, cross-project, hierarchical lists of issues (not based on sub-tasks) with time aggregation, status rollup, synchronization with Jira Agile, Links, Subtasks and more.

Structure.Testy: An extension that turns Structure into a lightweight test management system, where you can create and run test plans using Structure’s convenient and intuitive interface.

Structure.Pages: An extension for the Structure plugin that lets you create, manage and organize Confluence pages alongside Jira issues right inside Structure.

Colors for Jira: JQL-based issue highlighting in standard Jira issue views – Issue Navigator, Agile board and Dashboard Gadgets.