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Giulio Iannazzo (Atlassian)

LogoKeynote - „Between email black hole and ITSM monsters, building the new shape of IT.“

Giulio Iannazzo – Solutions Engineer, Atlassian:
AtlassianGiulio Iannazzo is a Solutions Engineer at Atlassian, where he guides customers through the execution of high profile product evaluations using in-depth knowledge of Atlassian Enterprise tool set and industry best practices. Leveraging his extensive experience in roles ranging from development to operations, from consultancy to solution architecture, Giulio has been tightly working with enterprise customers to guide and support them through the adoption of Agile, DevOps and ITSM practices.

Giulio is a lifelong learner, combining a sound technical background with business acumen and a solid team and program management experience. He’s also a sport addict, and when he’s not travelling around Europe it is not rare to see him cross country skiing or running on the Alps around Grenoble (France) where he lives.

About the Keynote „Between email black hole and ITSM monsters, building the new shape of IT“:
Have you ever emailed an internal service request and then kept wondering what is supposed to happen next? Have you ever thought ITSM feature bloat has grown beyond control and is crushing IT organizations? Let’s explore the new shape of ITSM.

Freuen Sie sich auf die Keynote von Giulio Iannazzo auf dem CMSD2018.
11:30–12:00 Uhr, Vortragsbereich im Obergeschoss