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catworkx Midsummer Day 2020

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BigPicture (POL)

Veröffentlicht 20.02.2020 15:30

BigPictureBigPicture is a versatile application to optimize the way your projects, programs, and portfolios are run. Flexible enough to accommodate basic agile, agile-at-scale as well as a typical waterfall, or any hybrid of methodologies, BigPicture is a useful and efficient tool that will help you: 

- achieve cross-organization, portfolio-level visibility of all your undertakings, 
- flexibly build a work structure with any building blocks you can think of (portfolios, sub-portfolios, programs, projects, stages, SAFe® Product Increments (PIs)), 
- plan objectives and tasks efficiently and execute them smoothly, 
- optimally allocate your resources, individuals, and teams, 
- monitor work and track progress, 
- aggregate values, measure performance and report with ease. 

Utilized by over 15,000 teams and 3,000,000 users worldwide.