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TMate Software (CZE)

Veröffentlicht 05.06.2017 14:30

LogoTMate Software is a company specializing in the area of Version Control Systems. At TMate Software we love to break barriers and to make impossible things possible.

Our first well known product is SVNKit – complete implementation of Subversion in Java. SVNKit made possible hundreds of tools and applications that are used by millions of users all around the world. Back in Subversion times, SVNKit library was an important part of Subversion adoption and popularity.

With the emergence of Git, our customers moved on and so did we at TMate Software. Our flagship product is SubGit – tool that makes migration from Subversion to Git a stress-free, smooth and happy endeavor. SubGit comes in many flavors to satisfy needs of different users and fit all the environments – be it Atlassian Bitbucket Server or GitLab Server. Thousands of companies, from small teams to huge enterprises are happy with SubGit and so we are.
TMate Software is well known for the excellent support it provides and frankly, this is the very foundation on which the company is built. Tools we make could change and evolve, but support stays on the legendary level.

Founded in 2004, TMate Software is an international distributed company with people working all over the world. TMate Software headquarters are in Prague, Czech Republic.

Learn more at www.subgit.com or visit the Atlassian Marketplace.