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The Plugin People (GBR)

Veröffentlicht 05.06.2017 14:25

LogoWe are a small but growing company now based in Cheltenham, UK. We only develop and support addons for the Atlassian stack, leveraging the worldwide network of Atlassian Solution Partner such as catworkx for regional consulting.

Our core Email related addons include Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira Server/Cloud (JEMH/JEMHC) that provides flexible mapping of emails to projects, customization of outbound email, and everything else in between for thousands of businesses worldwide.  Additionally, Enterprise Mail Queue for Jira Server (EMQ) who's goal is to digest a flurry of email notifications into a condensed version, which can work standalone or can be plugged in to JEMH.

Also available are several administrator specific addons such as SU (multi-product) and CSUM (for Confluence - but a Jira version is in the works).

 Learn more at www.pluginpeople.com or visit the product wikis of JEMH, JEMHC, EMQ and CSUM.