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SoftwarePlant (POL)

Veröffentlicht 05.06.2017 14:15

LogoSoftwarePlant is a team made of ambitious individuals who believe the future of project management brings together the latest technologies, high-quality products, and outstanding customer support. Our focus on innovations and solutions revolves around advancements in software that will improve the efficiency of teams worldwide. We’re committed to making work easier and helping businesses grow with more ease. Together, we create a company that celebrates each other’s achievements and cherishes small things. In our relatively short time on the market we have managed to achieve a proven success record and the trust of the world’s biggest brands. Our software is utilized globally which is why we emphasize contact and customer service for our clients. Among them you will find companies from Fortune500 as well as small startups from suburbs of European capitals.

Learn more at www.softwareplant.com or visit the YouTube Channel.