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RefinedWiki (SWE)

Veröffentlicht 05.06.2017 14:09

LogoRefinedWiki has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable add-on creator. Over 3000 companies from over 90 countries use RefinedWiki add-ons making us one of the top-selling vendors on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

To collaborate on the go you can enjoy Refined Theme for Confluence on your smartphone with our Refined Mobile integration. More recently we have extended our theming expertise to Cloud users, and to Jira Service Desk. At the core of each of our add-ons is to provide a user-friendly theming solution that is accessible to both technical and non technical users.

Learn more at www.refinedwiki.com or visit the blog page


Workshop: 4 tangible ways IT teams can improve the customer experience using Refined Theme

As a daily interaction point with customers, it is important that a company's Confluence and Jira Service Desk sends the right message to the customer. We provide four practical ways Refined Theme can improve the customer experience so that the customer has an experience reflective of the high quality support and the brand.

We cover:

    • how to make Atlassian products appealing
    • providing answers fast
    • representing your brand
    • providing a personal IT service