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catworkx Midsummer Day

Aptis (GER)

Veröffentlicht 05.06.2017 13:19

LogoAPTIS GmbH was incorporated in October 2014 as start-up, originated from an experienced Information Engineering Team, which has worked for many years in the Atlassian context.

We are a Full-Service-Provider for Atlassian products and developer of plugins like "Epic Sumup" and "Share Your Jira". Our Services reach from first contact over implementation and support for the whole Atlassian Eco-System. We help you to develop your use cases on top of Jira and integrate your information landscape.

Our additional services include a professional support and helpdesk service for your users and customers. We support eTraining-Plattforms and Atlassian Tools for our customers from first to 3rd level.

For our customers in international personnel development, we provide a full-stack eTraining platform including LMS, Authoring-System and Hosting Site-CMS. 

Learn more at www.aptis.info