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swarmOS (GER)

Veröffentlicht 09.03.2018 19:30

LogoswarmOS – Agile business transformation simplified – Our philosophy is to create value for our clients by enabling agile transformation. All our software are based on this philosophy. swarmOS Jira Add Ons are designed to enable business users a jumpstart into agile project work. 

swarmOS Foundation enables users to configure your Atlassian Platform (Server and Cloud) in minutes and get everything set up according to best practices (Workflows, Screens, Boards, Roles, Permissions etc.). swarmOS Cockpit is a leadership cockpit to manage an agile project portfolio and get the most critical success factors of your projects highlighted. swarmOS Analyzer is a groundbreaking new way of visualizing your Jira project issues and resources across your company - you can detect and lead from here. swarmOS introduces team management, surveys, escalations and may more features to your Atlassian platform. 

swarmOS allows as well to document your company strategy, goals and key results in Jira and Confluence and link it to the respective projects. 

swarmOS GmbH was founded in May 2017 in Germany by Executives from the software industry. swarmOS GmbH is backed by private investors from the software and venture capital industries. The company boards positions are held by highly regarded executives from the software industry. swarmOS is headquartered in Mülheim a.d.R., Germany.

 Learn more at www.swarmos.com