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StiltSoft is Marketplace Vendor and Atlassian Silver Solution Partner trusted by over 3,400 customers. Our team are zealous professionals with extensive experience and expertise. We have more than 15 apps at the Marketplace. Our products extend Atlassian applications to fit your needs and optimize your work in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Being an Atlassian Verified Vendor, we ensure high quality of our solutions and tailor tools that help our customers succeed.

LogoOur popular apps:

For Jira:

Smart Attachments for Jira Server: Smart Attachments is a robust solution for taking full control over your attachments in Jira. Distribute your attachments among appropriate categories and quickly locate the necessary one at any moment. It also bundles a rich set of capabilities for performing routine and automated operations on attached files, keeping documents with their specific revisions and collaborating on your assets.

For Bitbucket:

Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket (Server+Cloud): This app visualizes the statistics of contributions made into Git repositories. It provides illustrative graphs, charts, activity streams, commit graph which can help you answer your questions about team performance and code review process, stay up-to-date with what's new and see your project dynamics in terms of commits, pull requests and lines of code.

For Confluence:

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence (Server+Cloud): Table Filter and Charts is a powerful data evaluation solution for Atlassian Confluence. By using its capabilities, you can get a comprehensive insight into your table data and transform it into a visually-readable format. You can easily take advantage of bundled tools for running all kinds of data filtration, aggregating it in multidimensional pivot tables, and visualizing it with a variety of charts and graphs.

Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence (Server+Cloud): Learning management tool that allows you to create quizzes, tests and training courses for employee and customer education right in Confluence. This solution allows you to use Confluence as a learning management system.

Handy Macros for Confluence Server: Handy Macros is a comprehensive set of interactive and ready-to-use tools for your Confluence. Change statuses of your tasks on the fly or pick new due dates while viewing the page, set reminders for important events and assigned tasks, or add attractive image and video carousels for capturing attention of visitors. In addition, you can also see the aggregated view of page changes since your last visit.

Smart Attachments for Confluence Server: Smart Attachments for Confluence provides you with a new way to keep important project documents in the centralized space storage. It helps you use the already uploaded project documents and files and quickly integrate them into your Confluence pages, add links to specific folders and artifacts, and collaborate on them with your teammates. 

Talk - Advanced Inline Comments: Talk - Advanced Inline Comments allows you to add powerful inline comments to your Confluence pages. This useful tool helps you add comments anywhere on the page, both while editing (this feature is not available in native inline comments) and viewing the page content. Moreover, you can restrict access to specific talks for appropriate users or groups making your conversation private, prioritize discussions, and use the Talk report that shows you all discussions spread over multiple pages in the space.

Learn more at www.stiltsoft.com or visit the YouTube Channel


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